Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's With all This CHANGE?

Hello! So I know it has been far too long since I have been back here. I know it has been so long because this whole site has completely changed! With all the change on this site, I don't really know how to use it so no spell check will be done. Change is a funny thing isn't it? As I think about all the change I have experienced in the last 4 months to be exact, I think I need this place to reflect...Get my thoughts out about all this...Change. Some would say that change is good. Well, let me say that right off the bat for me...Change is NOT good. I tend to fight change...well a little. I didn't think I disliked change but some I REALLLLY DO! It is funny that I "fight" change considering my whole life will be about change. In The Salvation Army my life will change. I will change locations (cities, towns etc), houses, churches, job descriptions. You name it, I'll change it. Change is good or so they (whoever they are) tell me. So why all the talk about change? Well, today I have a 4 month old baby girl. She has changed! From the first time I held her it seems as if she has changed so much and in so little time. Is that change good? Some would say yes. For me, no. It seems as if every time I blink my baby is changing and growing. The same goes for my 5 1/2 year old girl. She is changing before my very eyes...turning more and more into a little lady every day. I DON'T LIKE IT!!!! I just want my two precious girls to stay little. I want them to still live in a world where a simple kiss from Mommy can make all owies better. I wish I still lived in a world where my owies could be covered with a cartoon bandaid. Change. It is inevitable. Change will happen. Some change I embrace. Others I resist. Recently, some huge changes were announced and my heart ached. I grieved (still am grieving) this change but all I can really do is trust that this change is good. Trust that this change is what God wants. Trust. Hmmm, now that I think about it, change and trust MUST go hand in hand. Well...Here is some change for you...I am NOT really finished with writing this post but since my bestie is SOOOOO eager to read this post and keeps interupting my thoughts...I have CHANGED my mind and have decided not to finish! LOL! How's that for change? Good or bad? Love you Shannon. I pray that no matter what change happens in our lives that we stay as close as ever. Thoughts to be continued in another post.

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Funny For A Friday

You may have heard me mention that we often get into deep conversations with our 5 year old usually when she is tired. Well here is something she said that made my hubby and I laugh SO hard. Let me tell you...It was NOT easy holding the laugh in until later!

As we were driving home from some evening event, my husband and I were explaining why it is so important to be even more careful around vehicles especially around this time of year (she had darted out into the street a little too far). We explained that people often are not as careful this time of year because some people choose to celebrate Christmas by drinking alcohol and by not making good choices. We explained that some of these people decide that they can still drive vehicles after drinking poison. Since she recently got glasses we told her that when people drink alcohol, they can see like she does without her glasses which is not so great. Then they try and drive a car. We also said it's like when she spins in circles for a long time and tries to walk straight. Since they can't see so well, she could have been hit by a car or truck even if she wasn't really on the road. So we had thought that we had done a wonderful job explaining why she should be careful not to walk into the street and why she shouldn't drink alcohol and why it's not good for people to drink and drive. She on the other hand had her own good reason not to drink and drive. In her words (after we were done our explanation):

"AND You should not drink alcohol and drive because the government might be watching!"

Makes me wonder why we explain anything! We should have just let her tell us why it's not a good idea! HA HA! Happy Friday!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Treasure # 6

Hello. I bet you are shocked that I am even back so early. I thought I would take time here and there to write when I can. Since my family is sick and this has forced me to slow down, I thought now may be a good time to continue...

We had spent a few lovely days exploring beautiful B.C. with the folks and then we decided to begin to make our way home. Since I am not feeling the best I am going to give you the Reader's Digest version of the story. Basically, we decided to leave a day earlier to a campground that would normally take 1.5 hrs to get too but we decided to go with the folks on a scenic tour instead that took us 4 hrs. It was worth it. We took two small ferries (free) on this route and saw many wonderful sights this way. We arrived at the camp and the parents helped us set up as best as possible. There happened to be a park across from our campsite and our little one made a friend there. The friend's Mom was doing some laundry as they were preparing to move on to another campground in the morning. We struck up a conversation and I really felt strongly that the Lord wanted me to ask her to stay another night so we could visit a place called "The Enchanted Forrest" together. I must say, selfishly that was the last thing I wanted to do...I wanted just my family together for the day but who am I to argue with God?? LOL! She agreed to come along with us. So the next morning we prepared to go to the Enchanted Forrest. It was a neat place! It was a forrest full of fairytale/storybook characters. We hiked the forrest, rowed boats through lily pad ponds and talked about all things! It was a good time. At the end of the day at the forrest, we parted ways as our new friends went for supper and we did too. We met back at the campground later in the evening to say our good night greetings.

The next morning we packed up and decided to move on. Our new friends actually decided to stay another day. As Mike was finishing packing the car, the other Mom and I took the girls to the playground to play. As we were sitting at the playground we talked more and more about God. Mike came and told me it was time to go and I really felt God prompting me to ask her THE question. So I said to her, "I just can't leave here without knowing where she was in her relationship with God." I proceeded to explain that religion and relationship with Jesus were two very different things and I told her that God was offering her freedom (she grew up in a religious home), I told her that God was offering her the gift of new life. Freedom in Jesus. My new friend began to shake and cry and right there in the parking lot of the campground we bowed in prayer together as she accepted this free gift of a new life in Christ. We hugged and we parted ways. I am in the process of finding her a good church home in her town. Please pray for our new sister in Christ. :)

The treasure here is that even though our plans had changed (spur of the moment decision to leave to a campground instead of staying with the parents for another day or two) God had a reason why...Another treasure is that God's timing is perfect. Had we stuck to OUR plans, we would have missed our friends as they would have already been gone to a different campground. Also, had I been selfish and not invited her along for the day as God had prompted, I would not have a new sister in Christ. So you see, when you leave the planning up to God and go with the flow as He leads, good things happen. :) Well that is all for now. Again, not editing... Take care and remember to let God lead and you will find treasures.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday Treasure #5

WOW! It has been a long time. I am so glad I made no promises as to when you would get another post. :) I sure hope I can remember all the wonderful things I wanted to tell you about. I believe I left off with us leaving the beautiful island.

So that is what we did. We took the ferry back to the mainland and made our way to a special little vacation condo where we were to meet my hubbies parents. Remember they were coming back from NS where they did the funeral and burial of Mike's Grandma. Anyhow we showed up at the condo and made ourselves at home and the next day we decided to walk across a beautiful field where we found a beautiful little park and a perfect sized beach. My little gal had a blast playing at the park and when she was all warm from that she decided to take a dip in the lake. It was so nice and refreshing. I could have stayed at the beach all day building sand castles, splashing in the water and just enjoying my beautiful family and creation that God had given to me. Yet, my pregnant belly was getting hungry so we decided to pack up and head back to our vacation spot. We were so pleasantly surprised to find the parents unloading their vehicle from the long trip they had taken. This was a treasure in itself as we were not expecting them to arrive until the next day at least! Anyhow, as they settled in I rustled up some lunch for us and we just basked in the blessings of being together. WOW I am CHEESY! :) Really tho, if you know me at all...You will know that family is just THAT important to me.

It was so nice for our little girl to have her Papa and Gram with her and she was so excited that I am sure the Grandparents wished they had come the next day just to have that much needed rest! She did keep them on their toes. She couldn't wait for her Papa to play with her and take her for walks and to the park. I must say, Papa was a real trooper because he did all of those things and more. I could tell he was tired but I could also tell that he was just as glad to be with her as she was to be with him. It was a treasure indeed to see their relationship grow.

With the parents we travelled to a place called Peachland. Now in my head I pictured this to be a place where you pick luscious peaches from trees and eat them right there. Turns out it was not that. However, I was not disappointed. Peachland is such a neat little community where there are all kinds of little shops and boutiques to browse through as well as places to picnic along the shoreline. There were little places you could just park, get out set up a picnic area and go swimming at the same time. It was such a neat experience. During this trip to Peachland we took the opportunity to rent a family bike (4 seater) and we rode around town. It just so happens that it was my my Mom-in-laws first time on a bike ever!! It was so nice to experience that with her. The grin on her face was worth every peddle. Our little girl was a free loader!!! She got to sit up front with the best view AND when we rented the bike we were given a coupon for a free ice cream so guess who got to eat that?? Not the ones sweating up a storm as we peddled together...Noooo It was the little kid who's only job was to honk the bike horn and wave and smile at all those walking beside us! It was too cute. She took her job seriously.

During our time with the parents we also celebrated my daughter's 5th Birthday in style with a yummy homemade supper, ice cream cake and of course a few presents. It was so nice to celebrate together. I will never take for granted any time I get to share with my extended family. I keep thinking that there will be a day where either the miles or health or life will separate us. So as I have said before, family is so important to me. The closer I get to God the closer I get to my family. That is my daily prayer. "Lord may we grow closer to You and closer to each other." It really is about relationship isn't it?

Well this is getting pretty long so I guess I will stop for now and continue the story later. Again, I have no idea when...could be after this baby is born. By the way...on the baby front things are looking good. I feel great. I am in my last trimester I have gained a total of 4 lbs so that is great. A C-section has been tentatively scheduled for Jan. 3rd. I will know more for sure about that on December 6th. If I remember I will post an update. In the meantime, please pray for that whole situation. I am at peace with the fact of having to have a C-section now but I still covet your prayers.

Ok, please keep checking back because I have still have some wonderful stories to tell of our vacation. One is about our kiddo telling us she asked Jesus in her heart and how she came to do that all by herself as well as a story where at a divine appointment the Lord used me to lead a woman to the a campground...It will be great.

Oh...I am not going back to edditt thiss sooo pleazse forgiive anny grammatiKal/speliling airrors. ;) Have a wonderful Advent Season!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Holiday Treasure #4

Hello Again...

I am finding it tougher to find time to write. I was pondering just the other day about how fast my pregnancy has gone! I am already in my last trimester! Time has gone so fast...I am going to use that as my excuse for not being diligent at blogging. Instead I have been stocking my freezer with yummy foods and cleaning like crazy...Must be what they (whoever they are) call nesting. Anyhow...Onto my 4th treasure.

After we left Tofino, we stayed on the Island a few days longer as we camped at different campgrounds. We saw so much beautiful nature and we enjoyed one anothers company. I love my family.

While we were away, My hubby and I celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary. Or is it 13?? Hmmmm, wow. I think it is 12. Anyhow, we celebrated by camping out in the gorgeous creation God had given us. I made BBQ ribs, fried rice and garlic toast. There is just something so tasty about food cooked outdoors. We enjoyed our time together. The day after our anniversary, we celebrated our little gals 5th birthday in the same fashion. We set up camp in a different location in the wonderful outdoors. We gave the birthday girl a choice whether she wanted to go out and eat at a restaurant or cook at the campground and she said, "Mom all I want to do is buy a bun and make a sandwich at the camp for supper." A girl after my own heart. Not only did she want just a sandwich for her birthday supper, she wanted to make it herself. So that is what we did. We went into town and got her exactly what she wanted for her birthday supper and as her Dad and I set up camp, there she sat at the picnic table making her birthday sandwich! What a sweet kid we are blessed with! We also made sure to have marshmallows roasted on the fire and hot chocolate as well later. Nice and simple ways to celebrate! That was a treasure for sure. We also took our little girl mini golfing at a really beautiful place and for a first time golfer, she did so well! We went to a beach and a park that had a little water slide that she enjoyed a lot. It was so much fun just being together and playing together.

Another neat experience we had was eating on a floating restaurant. We took a little ferry to Protection Island (I believe that is what it is called) where the restaurant is. The ferry actually brings you right to the restaurant. The ferry comes and goes every hour on the hour. It is the coolest little place. It had a place for kids to bait fishing poles with kernels of corn and fish right at the restaurant. Our little girl really enjoyed doing that. It was fun to hear the excitement in her voice when the fish nibbled all the corn off her hook! The experience was so unique and I think I had a permanent grin on my face the whole time we were there from the experience itself. Seeing my family enjoy themselves was such a treasure in itself.

Alas, after spending time on the beautiful Island, it was time for us to take a ferry back to the mainland so to speak and finally meet up with my hubbies parents. I was excited to begin a new adventure with them of a different sort. The treasures just kept coming. You will hear more about that some time. I make no promises as to when. :)